Running Shoe Recycle

CFAR’s “Running Shoe Recycle”

Running should be fun and exhilarating. Unfortunately it can be drudgery and even hazardous with a poor footwear choice.

Although high-top Chucks, Skechers and heelys make a certain youth statement, they’re not meant for cross-country and track.

But despite their limited running application, many unknowing young runners use them for cross country and track, resulting in injuries and disillusionment.  Discouraged, many walk or limp away, and never return.

After watching this for several seasons, WAMS distance running coach and fellow CFARian Angie Fuss came up with the idea to recycle used running shoes.

“Why throw away (running) shoes, if a young runner could get another season or two out of them?!” said Angie.  And the “running shoe recycle” program was born.

If you’re an adult runner, you typically get @ 300 miles out of a pair of running shoes.  After that, they’re typically tossed in the trash or converted to “yard shoes”.  However, many young runners, because of their slight frames, can easily get an additional season or two out of those used shoes.

So how does the “running shoe recycle” program work?  When it’s time to rotate your shoes, simply clean off your old pair and drop them off at one of the area locations below.  It’s that simple.  No visible dirt or tears, and no “yard shoes” please.

Our program volunteers will categorize your donation by size and gender, add a little foot powder to help spruce them up, and make them available to our young runners at the outset of cross country and track seasons.

The following area businesses have graciously volunteered to serve as drop off locations, simply follow the signs to the drop off bins.

Advanced Chiropractic, Foot and Ankle Care, PC, 23 Strickler Ave. Waynesboro , PA, 749-7826 (9AM-5PM, Mon-Fri)

Renfrew Institute, East Main St., Waynesboro PA 762-0373 (9AM-5PM, Mon-Fri)

ZIP Self Storage & WACCO Properties, Inc., 11870 Mutual Drive, Zullinger PA, 765-4415/0465 (9AM-5PM, Mon-Fri, 10AM-1PM Sat).

Thanks for helping our young runners realize their dreams.