Below are some testimonials from previous Cfar race events. We will update this page after the Mad Anthony 10k.

  • Great event. I can honestly say, I’m not sure I’ve seen a better organized event. — Grant
  • AWESOME event. — Rich
  • This was my first Half, and I am glad I chose the Mad Anthony to make it my first!  To all of the people who helped put this together, I am truly grateful.  All of the volunteers helped to make this such a great experience. Congratulations to all who ran it.  I will certainly be back again next year!! — Vince
  • Thanks for a great race! Everything was awesome. Wonderful volunteers! Race-directing is a lot of work and I appreciate this well-organized event. I drove from New Cumberland and plan to be back next year! — Marjorie
  • Thank you for a wonderful race experience! Volunteers were top notch, loved the mile markers, helps to see where you are in the trek! Will def be back next yr! — Kate
  • I’ll admit… That course beat me up and spit me back out… It was fun though, I’ll be back next year for sure!!! — Andrew
  • My first Half Marathon! What a great day for it! Such a beautiful course. Thanks to all who made The Mad Anthony Half Marathon amazing organized and a wonderful first Half for me and others. P.S. those two hills were brutal. 🙂 — Andrew
  • Great rave today everyone! I want to say a big thank you all of the amazing people who made it possible! — Stefanie
  • By a weird twist of fate, my ‘Mad Anthony’ journey began on January 6, 2013 when I weighed in for the YMCA’s “Choose to Loose” Competition.  By the end of March I had I lost 34 pounds! The following month, while celebrating my 45th birthday on a personal retreat, I found myself running in a new pair of running shoes purchased en route.  When I got home, my “Choose to Lose More” partner suggested we run the Firecracker 5K.  We trained for it, and conquered it!   And shortly thereafter, I began searching for my next challenge. I starting crying (out of fear) when I registered for the 2nd Annual ‘Mad Anthony Half’.  5K – OK, but a ‘Half’!?!  But I followed a strict 12-week training plan and gradually my confidence grew. When I went to bed the night before the race I knew I was ready.  But I had trouble sleeping (go figure) and when I woke up at 3:14 am, I absolutely could not get back to sleep.  The race began several hours later with my coach Ashlyn Shockey and my brother Brad, who flew in from Chicago, at my sides, where they remained for the entire race offering encouragement and pacing guidance. My goal was to finish in under two and a half hours (prior to the 10:30 AM Awards Ceremony).  As the three of us approached the finish line, Ashlyn yelled “Look at the clock, Look at the clock”.  I was thrilled to see 2 hours 11 minutes!! Everything, absolutely everything, was perfect on race day…the weather, the route, the outpouring of community support, etc. etc. etc.  I never thought I could accomplish something of that magnitude.  When others say “I can’t run” (which I used to say), I tell them “you CAN”!   It’s the same advice my brother gave me years earlier. I ran the Mad Anthony Half Marathon on September 14, 2013, it was truly one of the best days of my life!  A sincere thank you to all the organizers of this awesome event.  I already registered for the 3rd Annual ‘Mad Anthony Half’ – with no fear, or tears!  I can’t wait!!! — Deb