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September 14, 2015
December 17, 2015

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‘Boro 2015 5K Turkey Trot (i.e. BTT)

  • Who: Anyone and Everyone! Runners, walkers, strollers, dogs etc.
  • What: Informal romp through the Boro (here’s the route).
  • Where: Meet at the Firecracker 5K start (across from the Hospital)
  • When: 7 AM Thanksgiving Day (Thurs Nov 26)
  • Why: The ‘Boro 2015 Turkey Trot is simply an opportunity to run, walk, bike, hike – you get the idea, through our community as a community as Thanksgiving Day begins. It’s completely free – no cost, no shirt, no race bib, no timer, no prizes or awards, and no logistical, safety or medical support of any kind.  Simple, Fun & Community!

Questions, Concerns and Clarifications:

  • “Can I wear a T-Day costume?”  Yes, if you feel so inspired!  Most importantly though, dress for the weather and for safety.  When we step off, temps will be in the mid-30’s and there will be limited daylight (sun rise – 7:06 AM).  Layers, neon colors and blinking lights are strongly encouraged.
  • “Is the inaugural ‘BTT’ a CFAR sanctioned event?”   No.  It’s a fun run two CFARians thought others might want to be a part of.  Everyone participating does so at their own risk.  Think “Safety, Safety, Safety”!
  • “I’d like to be there but I already registered for another Turkey Trot.” No worries.  No one will take attendance tomorrow morning.  But know that you’ll be missed.  The more the merrier.
  • “Pace?” Whatever pace feels right for you is your correct pace.  For some, the ‘BTT’ will be speed work, for others a recovery run (i.e. JFK 50), and for most, just a good old ‘fun run’.
  • “Are there post-event festivities?” Nothing’s planned; please do whatever feels right to begin the day.  Perhaps a shared thermos of something warm, church services, or a trip up to High Rock to take it all in.  And yes, you’ll be finished in plenty of time for “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.”
  • “Can I purchase a shirt?”  “Are there finisher medals?”  “Where do I pick up my race packet?”  “Is this a chip timed event?”  “Are there cash prizes?”  “Will photographers be on the course, or just at the finish?”  “Where will the porta-potties, water tables, and aide stations be located?”  Nope, nope, nope etc.  Just show up, say hi, join in a quick prayer, and then spend the next however many minutes it takes you to traverse the course reflecting on what you’re grateful for.  Nirvana?!  Yup, that’s the goal.

 Simple, Fun & Community! 


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