‘Twas the night before…2015 edition

PRICE ROLLBACK – CFAR’s 4th annual ‘Mad Anthony Half’
August 17, 2015
The Day After – 2015
September 13, 2015


Sept 11, 2015

So much to say, but no time left to say it…happens every year.  Ugh!

First, today is a somber day for our country.  Remember a moment of silence for those lost fourteen years ago, as well as their families and friends.

Watch your diet carefully today – don’t try anything new!  And remember to hydrate regularly.

Tonight, do yourself a huge favor – go to bed early.  And before retiring, set two alarms, seriously.

Race HQ comes to life tomorrow morning at 5:15 AM.  If you’re up, and you want to watch the MAH minion magic come to life, stop by.  We can’t check you in until 6 AM, but you’re welcome to watch the MAH roadies do their thing as the sun comes up over Center Square (hopefully).  It’s a beautiful thing.

If it’s clear, registration will be held at Susquehanna Bank (Center Square – 10 West Main St.).  If it’s raining, it will be held at the Waynesboro Chamber of Commerce (118 Walnut St.).  No worries, it’s a short drive or walk from the Chamber to the starting line.

The weather forecast looks ideal for the start, with an increasing chance of showers throughout the morning.  Cheap way to stay dry?  Don’t forget to make your homemade trash bag poncho.

A few words of caution, if it does rain, be extra careful as you negotiate the course as there will likely be a build up of oils on the pavement making it pretty slick.  Sat AM means breakfast out, youth sports and yard sales in Waynesboro.  Run defensively tomorrow – assume nothing!

Lastly, a quick review of the porta-potty locations; several at Race HQ, @ mile marker 2 (Virginia Ave.), @ mile marker 4 (soccer complex restrooms), @ mile marker #6 (Washington Township Blvd., Applebees Rest.), @ mile marker 7.5 (Harbaugh Church Rd., farmstead), and @ mile marker 9 (Amsterdam Rd.).

For those registering tomorrow morning please read the Race FAQ (para 2).  All registrations are on-line, NO paper forms.  All registrations require a credit card, NO cash or checks.

Have fun and be safe tomorrow!



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