‘Twas the night before…2015 edition
September 11, 2015
2015 MAH Media Coverage
September 14, 2015


Sept 13, 2015

Hopefully everyone returned home safely and enjoyed a good night’s rest.

Go easy for the next few days.  Let your body do its repair magic and mend those torn muscles and connective tissues before resuming any serious training.  Consider this your ‘post-race taper period’.  If you can do it, it will go a long way toward ensuring you’re physically and mentally ready for continued training.  If you can’t, you’re rolling the dice.  Many injuries that creep up and grab you four to six weeks after an event like the MAH can be traced back to not letting your body heal and adjust after a stressful event.  So just chill out and savor the memories.  Just remember, wearing the finishers medal to bed is not recommended.  Save it for the office.

This year’s race was our second all-weather event.  The first four were held under crystal clear skies with early fall temps, this year, like last, not so much.  I overheard a few grumbling about how the weather altered their PR quest. Here’s a bit of advice on how to interpret yesterday’s results; in your race results journal or spreadsheet, put the following column header next to your current PR column – “Adverse Weather PR”. Seriously.

Several years ago a group of us ran a perennial area favorite, The Chambersburg Half, in hurricane conditions.  When we finished I asked ultra-marathoner Rick Myers how best to interpret our ‘soggy’ times, and he suggested assigning them to a new category – “Adverse Weather PR”.  Made sense then, and if it applies to yesterday, by all means, create that new column header and put yesterday’s results there. Feel better? It worked for me.

A few admin notes;

1.  Event shirts.  If you did not receive your shirt when you picked up your race packet, it will be mailed to you (please allow two weeks).  BUT, I need you to send me email stating you didn’t receive your shirt and your shirt size.  The ‘shirt list’ became undecipherable as a result of yesterday’s deluge.  All shirt requests are due NLT COB Fri Sept 18.

2.  Post-race survey.  Hopefully you took a few minutes to complete the on-line survey before you checked your results.  If not, please do.  I promise it won’t take more than three minutes and it really help us plan future events.  And it’s completely anonymous.

3.  Testimonials.  If you had a memorable experience yesterday and would like to share it, please shoot me an email to tell me about it.  Each year I compile about a half dozen or so and post them on the race site.  Your last name will not be included.

4.  Xitches, Moans and Complaints.  Yes, I want those too.  But, please resist the temptation to post adverse comments or complaints on FB.  We’ve all been there and don’t need to relive the endless ‘yuck’ and ‘counter-yuck’ posts.  Just shoot me an email.  And if you’d like, I’d be happy to set-up a time to address your concern over the phone.

5.  Save-the-Date

  • CFAR’s 5th annual ‘Mad Anthony Half’ will be run on Sat Sept. 10, 2016 (put it on your calendar right now).

Lastly, we started hosting these events six-years ago because of our love for the great sport and activity called running, and because we love traveling to new places to do just that, run.  We think pretty highly of our little oasis in south-central PA and thought others might like to enjoy it as well, at least for several hours on an early fall morning. Please come back to see us again next year, and bring a friend or two with you.  It’s our hope to grow the MAH to a race field of @ 500 over the next several years. We’ve all done the mega races and they’re fine, but we also like the simplicity and intimacy that can really only be found with 500 of your new best friends.  Cheers!




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