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September 15, 2014
CFAR’s 2015 Running Series Registration Guide
April 9, 2015

Sept 24, 2014

The final order for event shirts was placed yesterday.  It took a bit longer than anticipated to assemble the final list.  My apologies to everyone didn’t have an event shirt to take home, particularly those who registered early. Please allow @ two weeks for receipt.

As requested, MAH event shirts – in both hot pink and safety green, and running hats can now be ordered on-line!  Allow @ two weeks for delivery.

I hope everyone is enjoying the perfect fall weather we’re experiencing in south-central PA.  It’s weather like this that prompts those few extra minutes (miles), and a repeated chorus of “Thank you God”.

It’s also weather like this that should prompt you to ‘take a friend running’.  Yes, your running partner(s) count, but it would be even better if you took a newbie for a run.  You know the one, their eyes light up when you retell your story of the latest 5 AM romp around the neighborhood under a blanket of stars. Yes, “Thank you God!”.




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