Runner Posts, July 31 – Aug 6

CFAR Saturday Club Run Reminder
July 30, 2010
Runner Posts – Week of Aug 7-13
August 7, 2010

Use this “blog” entry to post reports, comments, and for sharing general communications throughout the week.


  1. John Kelley says:

    Anyone interested in running 15 miles tomorrow in boonesboro? The majority of it is on the JFK50 course (5 miles road, 10 trail) If so, call me to coordinate ride and meet time. 717-377-3037. I will be leaving my house at 5:30am to meet another runner. Everyone welcome, but be advised, this is a pretty tough segment (lots of hills) plus 10 miles of up and down on the AT. “Run for the Health of IT!”

  2. Daryl says:

    Left the house for Red Lion at 7:00 so I was unable to run with the group on Saturday. However, I did see CFARers going by the house prior to that, lookin’ good!

    I ran my 14 miles this morning towards Smithburg and back. Saw a few other runners and walkers! Pleasant morning for runnng!

  3. drgreg says:

    dr greg left to do grand pa duty in nyc so missed the am run to get ned stuff done…
    Sun pm I went out for a jog in central park,
    got lost and ended upp doing > 10 instead of the 5 I planned.
    I actually rained in Greenwhich village, but was dry at the high end of the park…..
    Lots of runners, bikers,skaters,riders etc..

    • samantha says:

      Are you running this Saturday 8/7? I really enjoyed running my first 8 miles with you not only for pacing reasons but the wealth of information you provide.

      my plan calls for 9 miles this saturday am @ a 13min pace.

  4. Pat Sherman says:

    Saturday morning SK and I ran the Fred Kaley Memorial 5K in Greencastle.

  5. Bob says:

    Early Sat morning was “perfect running weather”, cool with low humidity. WOW!! What a difference a week makes. Last week you fought for every step, this week you glided.

    I arrived at the Y after the early birds but before the 7 AM group, so I went off on my own and ran the first 15.5 miles of the “30K Gut Check”. The more I run the course, the more I like it; there’s something there for everyone.

  6. Steve Ferree says:

    Ran 19 miles @8:31 pace starting at 530. When running by Ronnie Knepper’s house with the 700a group, Ronnie came running out of the house, hair uncombed, and joined us for about 8 miles. He’s nursing planter fascia. He said he heard us talking as we ran by. A new runner, Mike joined us at 700a. Don’t know his last name. He stayed with Ronnie and I for our 8 miles, and then added 2 more after getting to the Y.

    • Daryl R. Lehman says:

      I saw Stephen Bui running with Steve Ferree at 6:55, heading for the Y. Impressed to see you keeping up with Steve, Stephen!

    • Fred says:

      Thanks for the update Steve! I was not able tro get Mikes mileage. Stephen and I ended with a 9:05 pace for the 15.

  7. Fred Skroban says:

    This will sound like a news program, but we had “Five at Five(thirty)” Rod “move-em out” T, Steve “I’ll hold back” F, Stephen “Hill Boy” B. Wayne “Rocket Man” B, and Fred. We did ten miles, out and back, with a negative split, to be back at the Y by 0700. Beth and Tracy hit the blacktop at 0600, and kept going (11 and 9 miles). We picked up a few more at the Y: Bea, Samantha, Mike, and Stacy, and headed out for some more fun. As we were passing through the neighborhood across from the Y, we were attacked by a rabbit, who rushed through yards, and leapt hedges, Mr Knepper himself. We then cruised along at a pace that kept getting faster. Wayne and I waved goodbye as the leader pack pulled ahead, and Stephen curled back to do some more hills with us. Results, Fred and Stephen 15, Wayne 18, Rod 19+, Steve 19 (he didn’t want to over do it), Bea 6+, Stacy 6, Mike 8?, Samantha 6, Ronnie unknown, Beth 11, Tracy 9. I did hear the the leader pack crossed paths with Bob on his 14 mile jaunt!

  8. Junell says:

    First I want to agree with Bob and say that Saturday was perfect running weather and if it were like that everyday I could be the next Forrest Gump and run for 3 years, 2 months, 14 days, and 16 hours. Unfortunately, by Sunday evening the humidity was creeping back in on us!

    I ran 20.54 miles from home Saturday…it was the best run ever!!! While I wasn’t keeping time (I find doing it for “fun” takes the ‘hard work’ feelign out of it) I did make a 14 minute improvement on my time (can’t help but notice it when I turn my Garmin off, haha). I loved the lack of humidity and the slight breeze that God granted us with that morning…made for an awesome time!!! I did 20 again Sunday and did not have as nice of weather as Saturday but I was very thankful for it on Saturday!

  9. Lori Eigenbrode says:

    Weekends have been very busy w/ other things, so I have been doing my runs during the weekday mornings. Did 3.5 on Monday & 4 this morning at 5:30am. The only thing that stinks is that it is going back to being dark early again!! YUK YUK YUK, I hate it!!

  10. John W. Kelley says:

    SPEED WORK tomorrow night at the Waynesboro Area Sr. High, all are invited to join us. Starting at 5:30 pm

    “Run for the Health of IT!”

  11. Mike Amsler says:

    I had a great time running with your group on Saturday morning. It is much easier running with a group than running by myself.

  12. Quang Tran says:

    Because of Stephen Bui, I went out and pushed myself yesterday and logged in a pr for this year’s training on a 6 miler with a time of 51:39. Unfortunately for me, this was the pace at which Stephen was running with ease when we were doing our loop around Central Park, NYC! I’m SO jealous that he has so many elite runners to train with!!!!

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