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July 9, 2010
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July 30, 2010

Finally, our first report published the “BLOG” area of our web page. Another first for this amazing running club. To begin, a big CFAR WELCOME to Tammy Williams, Stacy and T. Beck, and Jared Childers, all of who are fairly new to CFAR. Stacy and Tammy have been out a number of times on Saturdays already and we are looking forward to T. and Jared joining us in the new future.

This week’s club run was especially challenging due to the extreme heat and humidity conditions, but thanks to our “veteran” runners (thanks Rod and Steve) the start time was changed to 5:30am for those of us interested in running the longer distances today, i.e. more than 8 miles. Even at 5:30am the temperature was in the mid 70s! There were also a handful of runners that met at 6pm. The rest of the Saturday morning runners met at 7am. All totaled, we had 24 runners head out for a memorable club run on Saturday morning. In addition, there were numerous others running at other times over the weekend. A conservative estimate of total mileage logged is 255+

I shall try to capture everyone’s efforts in the summary that follows.

5:30AM group. Distance was 9-10 miles, each.

From the Y: Steve Ferree, Michelle Benshoff, Matt Hurley, Sue Shaeffer, Wayne Buhrman, Rod Teach, Fred Skroban, Heidi Marks, and John Kelley.

This group started out FAST with Steve, Michelle, Sue, and Matt (aka, the liars club) leading the charge. The plan was to do 9 miles at a 9 minute pace, and even though they slowed down a bit initially as some of us complained, it wasn’t long until the front pack took off and left quite a gap between them and the paleoton, which had settled into a more comfortable and honest 9 min pace.

Our route went South from the Y, 2nd St – over the freshly laid crushed stone placed as part of the road re-surfacing construction project from Summittview Elementary to the High school, down Myrtle and Clayton Aves, to 9th street, State Hill road, right on Lyons, left on Goodsdam, right on SR997 (Smithsburg Pike), left on the very STEEP hill that leads to Ringold (starts with a B?), left on Misty Meadows road, left on Midvale Rd and back to town via Amsterdam Rd, right on Welty, then left through Renfrew park and finally emerging from the hill across from the Y.

Along the way there was plenty of conversation on all kinds of topics from the up and coming CFAR 30K Gut Check Road Race to the estimated percent of humidity during our run. Perhaps the two most interesting topics discussed where “the origin of single shoes found on the side of the highway”, and how ROAD Kill would benefit from wearing a “Road ID” wristband. Heidi asked, “Does anyone knows why you always see just one single shoe on the side of the road and not two?” Theories offered in response ranged from “Teenagers like to throw them from cars at different times,” to “people place a pair of shoes on top of their vehicles and drive off, resulting in each shoe being blown off at different times! Does anyone REALLY know the correct answer or are there in fact MANY answersJ The ROAD kill discussion really was a bit of ribbing from Fred upon seeing a VERY squished, flat, skeletal like, and unidentifiable something on the side of the road, to remind me and everyone else that I have yet to order mine, especially since it was a gift from him to me, last Christmas! Fred said something to the effect of “see what happens John when you get hit and don’t have your ROAD ID bracelet! That set in motion a plethora of responses among the other runners, followed by lots of laughter for all. And yes, on a more serious safety note, Fred is right, we should ALL be wearing one, cause you just never know when you are going to get hit by a very old man in a car, that “just never saw you!”

5:30 AM from somewhere else in Waynesboro. Daryl Lehman, Erica Price, and her dad met and ran between 10-12 miles (approx). No good stories of shoes or road kill encountered were reported.

5:40AM, from the Y: Bob Correll (solo). Bob was supposed to be with the 5:30 group but was late getting back from a 4am meeting with the PA State Police about the up and coming 30K Gut Check Road Race routes J Does this man EVER sleep? And although we were long gone by the time he arrived at the Y, we did pass him going the opposite direction on Midvale road as he was busy running 14 miles of the race course, SOLO. Perhaps he can take comfort in knowing that the 5:30am group took a vote before departing to determine if we should wait longer than 5 minutes for our El Presidente and the outcome was unanimous 😉 (Sorry Bob).

6:00 AM, Beth Skroban and Tracy met and ran for what I’m guessing to be 6-8 miles (no official report). Fair warning to all, Beth has been doing speedwork at the track every week for the past several months and is REALLY improving. Rumor has it that some have started to refer to her as the CFAR “Speed Queen.” Watch out Michelle!

7:00 AM, from the Y: Tammy Williams and Diane Wilson (10 miles); Samantha Wade, Stacy Beck, Harry Morningstar, and Dr. Greg (8 miles); John Kelley (7 miles); and David Wilson and Lauren Meckley (6 miles). This was the first time that Tammy ran 10 miles and she was so positive and determined, and Diane ran with her the whole way – providing encouragement, a gu pack, water from a hose, and an escort to the Renfrew water fountain and creek to cool in at the end of the run. And that my running friend in a nutshell is the true spirit of CFAR!

On a personal note today was probably the most important day of the year to carry plenty of water and boy am I glad I did! I started out at 5:30 am with 8 other crazies and held a 9:03 pace for the first 9 miles and then joined the 7am group, intending to do another 7 (total 16) at the same pace, or close to it. I carried very little water the first 9 miles, but had a full 24oz bottle of Hammer’s “Perpetuem” drink mix along for the last 7 miles. Well, the first 3 miles went ok, but at that point (12 miles total) I was starting to feel the effects of the heat and humidity. I struggled through the next 2 and then my calve muscles start spazzing out. They started “twitching” and jumping, which sort of reminded me of different instruments in a symphony orchestra playing an overture or something. I stopped and walked when they tightened up too much and stayed in the shade as much as possible, even if it meant detouring over a hill to find shade along a tree line. Luckily, I had plenty to drink but the heat was too much. Made it back to the Y, recovered, and then ran my last mile on the treadmill, slowly. After returning home I battled involuntary cramping “curly toes” – the first two little ones wanted to go left and down and the other three wanted to go right and up, more little twitches in my calves, and a cramp or two in my quads. This phenomena was especially present if I tried to lie down and relax – must have something to do with not keeping the legs below the heart? I did survive and recover, and even got a nice nap in later in the afternoon without further events. All in all, I guess it was a good training run for my body to get used to being heatdrated! And besides, what other sport gives you this kind of story to tell and encourage your friends with, lol 😉

Other runs reported:
Junell Hinsley ran 20.17 miles on Saturday, SOLO! Truly the weekly candidate for the most Impressive Run Award, especially under the conditions!

Didn’t hear from Lori Eigenbrode, or SK and Pat Sherman, but I’m sure they and numerous other that didn’t report in were out and about over the weekend logging more miles and making memories!


  1. Fred Skroban says:

    Beth says that you forgot LOL after the report on her. The problem is that everyone else is getting faster too!

    Thanks for the report, John! Anyone need a Road ID Coupon?


  2. Heidi says:

    In keeping with the road kill theme, let’s not forget the man and woman who were crushing a snake with a rusty shovel in their driveway at the beginning of our run! At least I think it was a snake…

  3. Heidi says:

    In keeping with the road kill theme, let’s not forget the man and woman who were crushing a snake with a rusty shovel in their driveway at the beginning of our run.. That was a snake, right?!

  4. Matt Hurley says:

    John, You may want to check the JFK website. Your name is on it!!!! Congrats
    Matt (I just checked and my name is there also)

  5. Quang Tran says:

    I’m sure you guys missed Stephen Bui this weekend. I think he missed you guys too since I now know that he too belong to “the liars club”! Never the less, it was great to have a running partner for the long run. We did a loop around Central Park (6 miles), then headed west (.75miles) to the Hudson River, and ran along the Hudson down to Riverside Park (5+ miles). With Stephen setting the pace, the loop around Central Park felt like a race day pace for me. I was planning on a 10 min. pace and ended up doing 9. Stephen left me in the dust during the last half mile of the loop!! Our trek down river was better for me, now that I got my second wind. And here was where his membership to the esteemed “liars club” came in play. At about mile 8 or 9, he look down at his gps and said we were at sub 9 pace and need to slow down. So I slowed down and almost immediately found myself a couple of steps behind. About a mile later, he looked down again and declared something like “we’re at 8 or 8:30 pace, we are going too fast and need to slow down”. I did, and once again found myself falling behind! So needless to say when he declared again at the last mile that we are going “too fast”, I almost wanted to trip him! Joking aside, it was great to have a partner pushing you beyond your norm. It is the only way to get better.

  6. Stephen Bui says:

    Congrats to John and Matt. Good luck on the JFK ultramarathon this year.

  7. Pat Sherman says:

    SK and I were up in Maine all last week. Running in Kenneybunkport was great. Ran by former President George Bush’s estate, Barbara and George didn’t come out to say “Hi”. Got home Saturday evening, ran Sunday afternoon and got caught in a rain/thunder storm. We are doing a 5K in Greencastle tomorrow morning, July 31.

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